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What Is House Painting?

House painting is the process of applying paint to the exterior of a building. Its purpose is to protect it from damage and improve its look. This process is commonly performed by a tradesman who is known as a house painter and decorator. These professionals have a wealth of experience and will help you with any painting project.

Lessons learned

House painting is one of the easiest and most affordable projects that you can undertake to make your house more attractive. In addition to the obvious benefit of changing the overall interior painters new orleans appearance of your house, this simple home improvement can make even the most modest house look brand new. In contrast, the wrong paint color scheme can detract from a high-end kitchen and date brand new flooring, and make an elaborate Victorian exterior look plain. Therefore, it is essential to select the right paint color for your home carefully.

Materials used

House painting is a complex process involving various materials. The raw materials used are crucial in creating a durable paint. Some paints contain polymers made from acrylic resins, while others contain an alkyd resin. Both types of polymers offer different strengths and durability. Some exterior paints contain zinc oxide, which limits the growth of moss and mold. Other exterior paints contain talc and clay, which help control sheen levels.


Costs of house painting differ based on the size and type of your home. Larger homes typically need more paint and take longer to paint. The difficulty of accessing different surfaces in your home will also affect the costs. Homes with steep roofs or awnings will also cost more than smaller homes. You can negotiate with the painting contractor to get a better price.


When determining the price of house painting, it’s important to understand the different factors that affect the cost. For instance, poor walls will require a lot of surface repairs, while dark walls will need more coats of paint. Also, it’s important to discuss whether the customer wants to supply the paint or have it applied.

Weather conditions

If you’re planning to paint your house, you must consider the weather conditions. It’s best to paint the exterior at a time of year when the temperatures are warm and the humidity is low. You also want to avoid intense sunlight and rain.

Two coats of paint needed

Many people ask, “Do I need two coats of paint for house painting?” They might use a website, ask a friend or family member who has painted houses before, or seek advice from a young sales rep from a national painting company. However, it’s very important to understand that two coats of paint is not a standard rule. In fact, it can do more harm than good.


Preparation is an important part of the house painting process. Incorrect preparation can result in flaking and crazing. This is especially problematic when the wall is chalky or too smooth. In addition, a poorly prepared wall can lead to paint blisters. Other problems can include stains and visible under-color. Fortunately, these issues are preventable through proper preparation.