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Top 5 Online Real Estate Continuing Education Providers

Continuing education is a requirement for real estate professionals in every state, and it can be a great way to keep your skills up-to-date and prepare for new industry developments. It can also be an important tool in helping you maintain client relationships and build a strong reputation in your local market.

Online Courses

Many online real estate courses offer the ability to study at your own pace, which is a huge benefit for busy professionals. In addition, these courses are often more affordable than traditional schools, so they can save you money in the long run.

Aceable Agent

Another great option for online real estate continuing education classes is Aceable Agent, which offers video lectures and practice quizzes on a mobile app. You can study on the go, and you have a full year to complete the program.

Colibri Real Estate

The top-rated online real estate school is Colibri Real Estate, which offers a low price and an excellent pass guarantee. They also have a comprehensive learning library that includes all the textbooks and study materials you need to pass the exam.

They also offer multiple plans to fit your budget, including a basic course and an advanced one. The cost varies from state to state, but it typically runs between $30 and $80 per credit hour.

Their course packages include access to prior exams and custom tests, digital flashcards, and a pass guarantee. They also have a learning library, so you can review the material whenever you need to.

CE Shop

They are IDECC and ARELLO accredited, and they offer pre-licensing and post-licensing courses for a wide range of states. They also offer a free 5-day trial for students to see if they like the program before committing to it.

There are also other options for continuing education, including a certificate program and a self-study course that can be completed at your own pace. They have an extensive selection of courses, and their prices are competitive with other real estate training providers.


Whether you are just beginning your real estate career or want to advance your current skill set, real estate continuing education is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. This can help you build your network of clients, improve your business, and increase your income potential.

For example, you can take a course on social media ethics that will help you be more effective at building relationships with new clients. You can also learn about real estate legal matters that will help you better protect yourself and your clients.

In addition, you can learn about the latest in real estate technology and how it will impact your business. These classes will help you improve your communication with clients, and they can also prepare you for the upcoming real estate licensing exam.

Choosing a real estate education program is an important decision, and it is critical to choose a program that has the best online real estate classes available. The best online schools are easy to navigate and offer high-quality content. They also provide the best value for your money, and their instructors are highly trained in teaching.