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How to Tour the American Southwest

There are countless ways to tour the American Southwest. You can spend a day in Sedona or Monument Valley or opt for a guided tour of the Grand Canyon National Park. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can rent a car and drive around on your own, or opt for a private SUV tour. You can even opt to hike through the scenic landscapes. Whatever you choose, tour the American Southwest in style and discover the wonders of nature.

Grand Canyon National Park

If you are planning a trip to the American Southwest, you should plan a day trip to the Grand Canyon National Park, which is less than two hours from Page, Arizona. It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and is also an excellent destination for hiking and other outdoor activities. The Grand Canyon is divided into three rims, and most visitors choose one of them based on the time of year and what they hope to see. Visiting the West Rim is more expensive than visiting the North and South Rims, so make sure to make https://www.insideelsewhere.com/rocky-mountaineer-the-sights-of-the-denver-to-moab-train-tours/ your travel plans accordingly.


If you are planning a tour of the American Southwest, include Sedona in your itinerary. The town is a popular spot for hiking and you’ll be delighted to see the Red Rocks. A two-hour drive from Sedona, you’ll find the Grand Canyon and its Meteor Crater. While you’re there, don’t miss the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Its unique design combines stained glass, modern design, and a 90-foot cross. It’s located close to Uptown, and is definitely worth a visit.

Monument Valley

If you’re on a tour of the American Southwest, don’t skip the Monument Valley. It’s a must-see stop that’s both cultural and beautiful. The best way to experience it is to take a lower-level tour, which averages around $80 per person and takes between three and four hours. Lower-level tours typically include petroglyphs and Anasazi sites, but photography tours can be as expensive as $125 per person.

Red Rock Loop scenic drive

If you want to take a scenic drive in the heart of the American Southwest, the Red Rock Loop is the road for you. Drive through this canyon and you’ll get to see Cathedral Rock, Courthouse Butte, and Bell Rock. You’ll also get to explore Red Rock State Park and Crescent Moon Picnic Area. These parks are home to many hiking trails and an environmental education center. And don’t forget your camera. The Red Rock Loop is one of the most spectacular drives in America, so be prepared to snap a few pictures!

Cathedral Gorge State Park

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to visit on your next American Southwest tour, Cathedral Gorge State Park is an excellent choice. This spectacular area is home to spectacular spires and cave-like formations. You can hike or bike through the gorge and marvel at its spectacular landscape. Hikers and nature lovers will enjoy the sweeping views and excellent hiking trails. The gorge is particularly attractive in the winter.