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10 Most Popular Inflatable Bounce House Styles

Be it for kids or adults, inflatable bounce houses provide an exciting addition to any party or celebration.

Before selecting a bounce house for an event, it’s essential that you understand its purpose. For example, an intimate birthday party requiring only children will require a smaller bounce house than one suitable for large-scale community fair-style gatherings with numerous attendees.

1. The Moonwalk

Michael Jackson popularized the Moonwalk (also referred to as Backslide) dance move during Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever television special in 1983.

The Moonwalk is an intricate dance move that requires considerable practice to master. To perform it successfully, slide one flat foot backward while keeping the other flat on the floor – this creates an illusion that emulates walking backwards.

2. The Slip-N-Slide

The Slip-N-Slide is an excellent family activity and ideal for children of all ages, featuring a challenging inflatable rock wall, curved slide, and large wading pool area.

This exciting inflatable ride provides children with an unforgettable ride while teaching teamwork and socialization skills. Perfect for birthday parties and events!

3. The Obstacle Course

An inflatable obstacle course is a fantastic and challenging way to keep your children active, providing hours of entertainment while developing gross motor skills and building confidence! Not only can your kids have fun while being active, but this activity will help improve gross motor abilities while simultaneously building self-esteem!

Inflatable obstacle courses offer fun challenges for children of all ages and abilities. These inflatable obstacle courses may feature obstacles like Bish Bash (a tall loose structure), nets to crawl under, walls to climb over and even holes to jump through.

4. The Castle

A castle inflatable is the ideal way to keep children amused for hours on end, offering hours of bouncing fun! Made from durable oxford cloth fabric and only taking minutes to inflate or deflate, your next party or celebration is sure to be memorable with one.

5. The Bungee Run

The Bungee Run is an inflatable game that challenges participants to test their strength against a massive bungee cord, providing an exciting yet safe challenge suitable for older kids as well as adults alike. Perfect for both older children and adults!

At this two-lane bungee run, runners compete to see who can get to the end first. As they approach, their bungee cord pulls them backwards for some truly hilarious moments!

6. The Inflatable Slide

An inflatable slide can add endless fun and excitement to your next party or event, be it wet or dry use, and comes in various sizes for use by any group size.

These slides are frequently combined with other attractions like climbing walls, soaking pools, and water cannons for an immersive play experience. Furthermore, they foster team-building as kids work together to negotiate slippery slopes.

7. The Water Slide

Water slides are an incredibly enjoyable and engaging way for children to stay cool during those scorching summer days, encouraging both physical activity and relaxation at once. A water slide makes an excellent addition to a backyard bounce house or playground!

Water slides can help increase revenue and attract new customers, making them an excellent investment. Your visitors will love coming back for more, increasing sales of day passes or season passes in the process.

8. The Sports Inflatable

The Sports Inflatable is an exciting way to add some fun and entertainment to any event, featuring a basketball goal, climbing wall and water slide.

These inflatable games are an increasingly popular choice for outdoor events. They provide guests with an engaging competition experience while testing their skills.

9. The Animal Inflatable

The Animal Inflatable offers kids of all ages a fun way to have some exciting indoor fun! It boasts an exciting giant jumping area, 3-D animal pop-ups and more – ideal for hours of entertainment!

This inflatable is sure to make an impression at any event! From birthday parties and family reunions to company picnics and company picnics, this inflatable will surely impress. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies to keep children occupied for hours on end!

10. The Pirate Inflatable

An inflatable pirate is the perfect way to draw kids in at your event! These fun jumping toys offer hours of enjoyment for children while their creative decorator can embellish it with anything from pirate helms and shipwrecks, all the way up to shipwreck scenes!

An inflatable pirate could make for a fantastic addition to your sports team’s event, providing fans with something exciting before their game! Customizable to look just like your team’s mascot, they will give fans something to look forward to before kickoff!