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Molded panel doors

Panel internal doors are an excellent way to add a touch of luxury and warmth to any room. They beautify interiors and increase the value of your home. You can choose from a wide variety of panel door styles, from one to six panels, to suit your needs and design. For more ideas on panel door designs, visit our Interior Inspiration Gallery.

Two-panel doors

Two-panel internal doors are a stylish choice for your interior. They are available in a range of woods and finishes. They complement traditional and contemporary interiors. Some even have glass panels to let in light. Whether you’re restoring a period home or updating your contemporary style, a two-panel door is a timeless choice.

These doors are traditionally styled and come in many different designs and sizes. They can be straight or curved. They will blend into any home, and are highly effective at protecting against draughts. They are also made using timber from sustainable forests, making them a sustainable option for your property.

Molded panel internal doors offer a variety of styles. They are lightweight and easy to install. They are also easy to operate. These types of doors are often used in barn doors, pocket doors, and sliding doors. They are often the preferred choice of homeowners who want to separate different living spaces. And since they are available in a variety of materials, they can be used for exterior or interior doors, too. In addition to wood, these doors can be made of steel, fiberglass, and other materials.

Molded panel doors are very versatile and won’t clash with surrounding architecture. They also come in a variety of colors and styles, making them a great choice if you want a splash of color. Many manufacturers offer these doors primed or pre-finished, giving you the ability to choose your color and finish.

Solid core doors

Solid core internal panel doors can be used in a variety of situations. They provide better sound insulation than hollow core doors and are ideal for rooms where silence is an important factor. They prevent private actions and conversations from leaking out through the door, making them an excellent choice for offices. Solid core doors are also available in a range of finishes, including MDF and duracote.

A solid core door is made of one wood veneer on each side and a solid core made from composite or engineered wood. This oak 4 panel internal doors makes it more durable and withstands wear and tear better than a hollow core option. In addition to preventing condensation, solid core doors also offer better sound insulation than their hollow counterparts.

Wood-trim doors with glass panels

There are several benefits of using wood-trim internal doors with glass panels. These doors are attractive, functional, and can provide privacy as well as space separation. They are available in a variety of woods and glass options. These doors can be used to create a modern look, or to complement the traditional decor of a home.

Wood-trim doors are often made with premium wood species. They have excellent craftsmanship and are available in many different sizes and styles. These doors are available in both solid core and hollow core construction. Many of them are also perfect for painting.

Shaker style doors

Shaker style panel interior doors are a great choice for homes with a traditional aesthetic. Their clean lines and minimal panels make them the ideal choice for homes with a unfussy cottage or traditional feel. These doors offer the traditional look of a wood door at a cost that is well within the budget.

These doors are available in solid or hollow core materials. Solid internal shaker doors are much stronger and heavier than hollow core doors and are easier to fit. They are available in different styles and can also be trimmed to fit various door openings. Many shaker style panel doors also feature glass panels.