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Make a Statement Explore Our Bold Gold Statement Rings!

When it comes to accessories, bold jewelry is having a moment. Even celebrities and fashion influencers are seen adorning themselves with oversized earrings, chunky necklaces, and eye-catching ring stacks. Bold gold statement rings are an easy way to add a pop of color or a striking silhouette to your outfit.

There are many different styles of oversized rings available, allowing you to find the one that best suits your personal style. Some feature a single gemstone, while others feature multiple rows of ethically-sourced Moissanite gems. These stones are a fraction of the cost of natural diamonds, but they provide a stunning sparkle just the same.

Other oversized rings have intricately detailed metalwork that adds depth and dimension to your look. The opulent ICECARTEL ring is an example of this, featuring a dazzling row of ethically-sourced near-colorless Moissanite set in a polished sterling silver base for durability and beauty. The result is a show-stopping cocktail ring that will wow everyone you meet.

Another way to incorporate a Statement Collective: Define your style with our bold gold statement rings! statement ring into your wardrobe is to layer it with a more delicate ring. Ideally, the two rings should be similar in size and aesthetic. For instance, a black-onyx statement ring would pair well with a gold-plated ring that features geometric details. The key is to avoid mixing too many different textures and metals, which can cause an off-balanced look.

For a unique and bold statement, try wearing a gold-plated ring with a colorful gemstone. The bright green aventurine stone in this Agape Studio ring is perfect for showcasing your quirky side, while also looking chic and stylish. You can wear it above your knuckles for a bold and funky vibe, or you can wear it with other colored gemstone rings for an eclectic mix of hues.

While not all oversized rings have to be modern or brand new, many Tessa Packard London clients appreciate the option of refashioning old jewellery into something they will love and wear. For example, a client had a gorgeous art deco cocktail ring from the roaring twenties that she no longer wore, but loved the design and quality of the stones. She came to us asking for a redesign that could utilize the existing stones, while updating the overall look.

There are countless ways to style bold gold statement rings, and they can be worn on any finger. The important thing is to find a design that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Whether you want to express your professional title, zodiac sign, or favorite flower, the right ring can tell the world your unique story without ever saying a word. Browse our collection of antique, new, and vintage oversized rings to find the piece that speaks to you. You’ll be glad you did!